Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Air Compressors

Our company deals with latest and fully Automatic Rotary Air Compressor to compress the atmospheric air. They are air cooled so do not need water to cool down. The features of the compressor include :

  • Air cooled design
  • Low maintenance
  • Rotary screw design
  • Noise less than 75 DB
  • No civil foundation
Atlas Compressor

Process Skid

We offer compact process skid of latest design. All equipments are mounted on processed skid complete with gas/air/water lines for high purification of air.

  • After cooler with tank
  • Nitrogen cooler with tank
  • Moisture separator
  • Chilling unit with freon unit
  • Oil absorber
  • Molecular sieve
  • Defrost heater
  • Manifold
Process Skid

Air separation column

Also known as cold box, air separation column separates oxygen and nitrogen at temperate -165 to -170 degree centigrade. The key to the entire air separation process lies within the air separation unit (a. S. U). In the unit, the mixture of oxygen and nitrogen is separated by virtue of the difference in their liquefaction temperatures. The Universal Boschi design air separation unit features highly efficient fin type aluminum heat exchangers and column, wherein the entire upper column is a packed column thus diminishing the operational pressure and increasing the oxygen, nitrogen.

Features of Air Separation Units:

  • Latest Technology
  • Compact Design
  • Easy To Operate.
  • Practically Zero Maintenance.
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Air Separation Liquid Technology.
  • Skid Mounted.
  • High Purity of Oxygen above 99.7%, Suitable For Medical/Hospital and Industrial Uses.
  • Single Electric Panel.
  • Cylinder Filling Station (Optional).
Air Separation Unit

Oxygen Cylinders

We offer seamless tube oxygen gas cylinders, which are designed and developed by using premium quality and tested seamless tube materials. The cylinders come up in different working pressures, viz. 12mpa (120 BAR) and 15 mpa (150 BAR). Made in diverse capacities, they can meet the exact demand of customers. The other specifications of our seamless tube oxygen/nitrogen gas cylinders include weight, length and external diameter are subjected to change. If needed, we can also give 200 Bar seamless tube oxygen gas cylinder available on 200 Bar working pressure on request.

Features of oxygen/nitrogen gas cylinders / Tanks:

  • Stainless steel welded body and tank
  • Establishing pressure safety valves
  • Multiple layer insulation system
  • Employed in storage and transport of liquefied air gas product (lo2,ln2,lar)
  • Vacuum by advanced high diffusion pump
  • Advanced helium mass spectrum technique for checking vacuum
  • Perfect for hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, biology, chemicals, ships, foodstuff, energy scientific labs and many more industries

The life span of our gas cylinders is comparatively very high as we use only quality raw materials. In order to ensure extended life span of the cylinders, they are manufactured by employing the high end raw materials.

Liquid Storage Tanks

Our liquid oxygen and nitrogen storage tanks are engineered for maximum flexibility and minimum cost. The new design makes installation saving time and resources. Our optimized piping design makes operating and maintaining a tank very easier. In addition, readily accessible valves and controls provide ample clearance, facilitate operation and simplify maintenance procedures. Wider space and superior performance meet the flow requirements of a complete range of gas and liquid applications.


  • Low area requirement
  • Simple operation
  • High Safety
  • Low Evaporation Rate
Oxygen Storage Tanks

Expansion Engine

Our expansion engine comes with hydraulic valve control, bursting disc for safety, fly wheel pressure gauge, motor pulley v-belt, belt guard, slide rails inter connected pipes (inlet & outlet) hydraulically operated high efficiency engine with ball type of valve stainless steel liner vertical type of German design. It gets complete with motor & starter.

Expansion Engine

Liquid Oxygen Pump

Our liquid oxygen pump is a horizontal single acting pump with stainless steel piston and special graphite impregnated teflon piston ring for enhanced life working inside a highly polished to two microns, stainless steel liner. The entire assembly is fitted inside stainless steel housing with special filters to avoid entry of solid carbon-dioxide / H2O particles from entering the piston liner.

Liquid Oxygen Pump