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About Us

Our Company was established in NCR region of New Delhi, India, 1985 to design & manufacture of oxygen & nitrogen production plants & acetylene generations plants and supply them all over the world. Our workforce was trained under Dr. Boschi of Italy as his company ING. L.&A. BOSCHI of Italy has been acclaimed in the industry for manufacturing and supplying technologically advanced machines. We commenced manufacturing of nitrogen & oxygen production plant at our factory at New Delhi in 1985 and air separation columns in Genova, Italy. The designs of our plants were based on the process cycle of Linde & Claude which had been started by Dr. Boschi of Italy with their company ING. L&A. Boschi of Italy in 1930 and perfected with over 70 years of experience.

Designing expertise

The design of the oxygen/nitrogen plants and air separation plants is based on the Liquefaction of Air based on low pressure cycle. The air separation column has state-of-the-art BOSCHI distillation trays, multipass exchangers & condensers to get a high yield of oxygen by separation of liquid air which results in very low power consumption. The columns manufactured by our company have been known for smooth functioning, efficiency & long life. The years of experience and skilled manpower led us to bring trouble and maintenance free systems. These systems are being employed either for filling oxygen in cylinders or selling in the market or for captive consumption.


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Our machines come up with CE approval and ISO 9001:2000 certification and are only being assembled in India for the convenience of better pricing and higher production levels. Our systems are complete with skid mounted version ready for installation and argon welded leak proof stainless steel column as per the requirement of the customer. The products manufactured at our production units are sold under the ‘Boschi’ Italy brand name as our complete technology, designs and manufacturing skills have been acquired from ING. L.&A. BOSCHI, ITALY. Due to the advanced technology, the minimum lifespan of our machines is over 25 to 30 years without affecting the quality of output.


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ColdBox Side Inner Part
ColdBox Side Inner View

Worldwide clients

We have a number of clients located different parts of the world. Some of our prestigious clients include Coca Cola Worldwide, Pepsi Cola, Giad Steel, CV Citra Alam, AlBaha Gas, Samirr Ghdir & Co. and the list goes on. Some of the countries, where we have our presence include Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, UAE, Dubai, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Maldives, Saipan, Seychelles, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, South Africa, Benin, Columbia, Europe, Libya and many others.

Customer services

We have dedicated teams to provide customer care services to our customers round the clock. The executives are trained to handle each customer with perfection. Once we receive a query, we offer proper solution along with technical details and quotation. The teams can be reached either calling directly or emailing. If you have questions regarding our machines and services, contact us now. You will get answer in no time.